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Rctrucktrialer Offline

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30.08.2006 02:26
Mercedes trial truck - from New Zealand ! Antworten

Hi everyone ,

As this is my first post , I must appologise for not being able to speak German. I can understand a little , but that's all.

After 4 years of searching the internet and finding alot of very cool information on these trucks , always wishing to build one , I finally was able to afford the money to get started :ok

Here is my TTTT I built , it is a Mercedes truck. I still need to add a bed cover and a battery (145mah lipo). Then I can finally play :trucker

I will just post this picture for now , but i'll post some more soon :hfg

Please tell me what you think , In Deutsch or English.

diets Offline

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12.09.2006 00:05
#2 RE: Mercedes trial truck - from New Zealand ! Antworten
Hallo Rctrucktrialer!

Willkommen in Deutschland

Ich hoffe die Lipo's werden bald geliefert und du bekommst deinen Truck schnell zum Laufen.
Viel Spass damit!

diets - so klein ist die welt

Fred Offline

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06.11.2006 20:46
#3 RE: Mercedes trial truck - from New Zealand ! Antworten

Hi Rctrucktrialer,

hope everything is going well with your truck project. Any news on the LiPoly you've been waiting for? Any new pics?

Best of luck from half a globe away,


Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.
Groucho Marx

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