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Rc-ett87-swe Offline

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05.06.2017 23:49
Fahrregler ER300 / Speed controls Zitat · Antworten


After some years I´m starting building again. And I wanted to complement with speed controllers. I was thinking of Mikroantribe ER300 but I it looks like they don´t sell these any more. On the page there is nothing under Motorregler / Fahrtregler. Is it now only Sol-Expert that sells speed controls or is there any other seller that I can buy from and have it sent to Sweden. DelTang is big, and have what you need. But I have receivers, lightcards (ALF) and I only need speed controls.


Mikromodellbuer from Sweden.

Sven Löffler Online


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06.06.2017 08:03
#2 RE: Fahrregler ER300 / Speed controls Zitat · Antworten


take a look at my Webshop.


You can Order by EMail too. 😉

Best Regards


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